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Arrangement, interior design and giving high-class look to various interiors using original prints, posters and painting in water-colours in professional and elegant frameings – it is our passion.

Here are a few examples of our implementations.


Collector’s cabinet


Posters perfectly fit for modern spacious interiors that dominates a minimalist form and colors limited to a few basic colors. White, black and Red used in arranging the table and drawers perfectly interacts with colour posters highlighting the elegance of the room.


Oriental-style bedroom


Under the staircase there is a movie poster with musical accent. It is a project of Elzbieta Procka from 1981. In the back of the room there is another poster designed by Krzysztof Lenk in 1964 for the film “Pod karnawałową maską”.


To the bedroom in which dominate the beiges, browns and olive color we chose avant-garde Act feminine painted by Helena Teodorowicz in the 1960s. In the framing we used canvas passe-partout prepared especially for this image.


While decorating the walls in your home or apartment, you can not forget about the kids room. The perfect solution in this case is multi-coloured poster for a film or tale for children


Soft and high-end graphics made with ink on paper by Stanislaw Dudek in the 1960s is the perfect solution to decorating the staircase. Very elegant framing in a silver frame and silver pearly passe-partout stresses the unique character of entire interior.